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    Benice Massage Pro Premium Slimming Belt

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    Shedding those extra kilos from your abdominal area and thighs is definitely a tough task. Liana Benice slimming belt is here to help you burn those fats at a higher rate. Flaunt your perfect waistline and your toned body as you use this belt to lose all of that accumulated flab. Heats and Vibrates This belt operates on 2 motors and massages your body with heat and vibrations. You can use it on your back, abdomen, thighs, or calves with ease and convenience, thanks to its flexible design. Mechanism This belt works on an AC power supply. Its digital control technology lets you vary the temperature and the intensity of the vibrations with the help of a remote control. Free Size This is a free size belt, so anyone in your family can use it irrespective of their waist sizes
  • Medical Equipment : •Abdominal supports can increases blood circulation, retains body heat and provides free ventilation •Helps tighten abdominal muscle, prevents ugly stretch marks, corrects posture, stimulates uterine contraction making it very suitable for postpartum women •It is also highly recommended in weight-loss or in keeping body warm •Height: 10-5/8inches •CE and FDA-approved Elastic Abdominal Binder, Increases Blood Circulation.
  • Hot Belt

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      • What’s HOT BELT™ 
Hot Shapers® Hot BELT™ are fitness for everyday wear, with NEOTEX® smart fabrics technology that increases core temperature helping your body sweat, sweat, sweat & sweat more while wearing them during daily activities.
      • How they work? The NEOTEX® smart fabrics technology in HOT BELT™ increases core temperature during your daily activities, at home, exercise, sports, walk, run, baby walk or any physical activity.Hot Shapers® clothing can be worn while active regardless of what you are doing.
      • Benefits
- maximizes fitness routines*
- slim waist tummy and tights*
- increase your core body temperature
- improve your overall well-being
      • It’s all about being in shape…
      • The more you sweat the fitter you get!
      • Sweat and get in shape.
      • Washing instructions: It is recommended to wash it after each use, particularly after exercising. Hand wash in cold water with a soft detergent. Squeeze out and drain.
      • – Hand wash 30°c
      • – Do not tumble dry
      • – Do not bleach
      • – Do not iron
      • – Do not wring
      • – do not dry clean
- line dry / hang dry
      • Warning: do not tumble dry, do not wring and do not iron your Hot Shapers®
      Recommendations: for better results, wear them everyday even if you are not exercising, the most you use your Hot Shapers® the better result you’ll get. We suggest that wearing Hot Shapers® Hot BELT™ shall be complemented with a healthy diet and good hydration.
  • Losing Fat Belt

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    The losing fat belt is a massage belt that can help you lose weight. It can make you slim and good looking. Easy to use,safe. The most comprehensive,the quickest Losing Fat Belt. Three Main Fuctions 1) Keep fit 2) Lose weght 3) Massage You can choose 6 different speed to run the belt,and can it’s multi-fuctions,can use to massage your abdomen,shoulder,pygal,back,legs and so on. Specifications : 1) Length: 184cm 2) Weight: 2.25kg 3) Thickness: 6cm your best choice for losing weight!! It helps keep fit!
  • The Massage Pro Slimming Belt is a newly designed product combining point physical therapy with exercise science. Its unique design aids slimming, the elimination of toxins whilst massaging.Massage pro-slimming belt was so easy to use. The belt stimulates the points that will help you to loose weight. It reduces body fat and encourages weight loss without any side effects. The Massage Pro has two motors and the vibration of the belt has a perfectly balanced dual massage program to deliver a more invigorating massage by working on both sides of each muscle group. The speed and intensity of the Massage Pro can be increased or decreased using the programmable remote control. Massage Pro Belt Specification Flexible Sauna Belt Imported (one size fits all with secure fastening system) Multi-Level Remote Control-instructional Guide 7-Diet Plan and a Tape measure.
  • Mingrui Slimming Belt

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    Mingrui Slimming Belt is 10 mode vibration system massage belt. HILIGHT : *Smart chip control panel is easy to operate. *High-frequency vibrantion crushes fat for lazy slimming. *Magic velcro tape is suitable for all body for all body parts and all age groups. *Relieve stress,relieve muscle pain. *No rebound,no dieting,no side effect. *Portable,lightweight and easy to carry,ready or slimming anywhere,anytime. SPECIFICATION : *Special Power Supply Adapter Input:AC220V/50HZ *Output:DC 12V 1000mA *Maximum Power:7.2w *Thermodynamic Surface Temperature:up to 30c *Belt Weight:about 800g *Model:408 WARM PROMPT: It is recommended to use 2-3 times a day and drink 500ML water after use it(slim waist,slim hip,slim thigh,slim lower leg,slim back).
  • Sauna Heat Belt

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    Major Benefits of Sauna Belt : Sauna belt is traditionally recognized as fast safe weight loss tools for weight loss. The heat pad (temperature control by digital remote) on the belt will melt away the unwanted fat from your body tissue and organ surroundings. The heating power from the belt increases your body metabolism and improves your system. Beside strip fats off from your body, the sauna slimming belt also helps in trashing out excessive water from your body. As what we know, over storage of water inside body will cause you over-weight. Based on osmosis biological hypothesis, aqua molecules will move from “thick water” to “thin water” and automatically when extra water release from your body, your body will stay in a “less burden” condition, and definitely weight will goes down.
  • Able used to massage &shape the entire bodu such as for shouler, buttocks, arms, calves and thights area. Able burn excess fat without sweat and hardwork. Release stress and tension. Improve blood circulation. 5 adjustable speed. Saves time and money. Light weight and easy to used. Safety temperature control design. HOW IT WORK: Before turning on the desired program to fitness belt comfortably and securely fasten, Select a program (vibration, pulsation, vibration) and press the “start”, Choose the level of intensity of vibration using the buttons decrease or increase the speed, 10 minutes of use per day is sufficient to Slender Shaper done the hard work for you. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Forward & reverse oscillating function is much more effective at targeting different part of muscles and helping burn fat. Input: 100V – 240 – V 50 / 60 Hz. Output: 24 V and 1 A 130cm in length (51inch). Packaging in box: White and purple in color.
  • Slimming Belt

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    1/3 of fat of human will accumulate at the waist. This slimming belt is using strong vibration to break down the accumulated fat tissue in the body and then excreted out of body. This can improve the blood circulation, and at the same time increase metabolism rate of our body. This slimming belt can be used on different part of body, doing the massage. This slimming bet can release 3000 times vibration per minute, break down the large agglomerate fat tissue to semi solid fat. This semisolid will be further processed by lymphatic system to become fine fatty acid compound which can be excreted out from body through urine. What is included? 1 slimming belt 1 electric converter 1 user manual 1 controller Specification & Feature – Material: PU leather and electric component Using strong vibration at the rate of 3000 times vibration per minute to break down the accumulated fat tissue, it improves blood circulation and increases metabolism rate. With its heating function which will further increase the rate of breakdown of fat tissue at waist line, massage those fat cells away according to your preferred adjustable vibration settings.
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    Sweat Slim Belt

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    আমাদের এই Sweat Slim Belt যে কোন বয়সের ছেলে-মেয়েরা পরিধান করতে পারবে। Sweat Slim Belt আপনার শরীরের অতিরিক্ত চর্বি কমাতে খুব কার্যকরি ভূমিকা পালন করবে। এটি ব্যবহারে ঘামের মাধ্যমে আপনার চর্বিকে কমিয়ে আপনাকে করে তুলবে আকর্ষণীয় ও স্লিম ফিগারের অধিকারি। এই পণ্যটির বর্তমান মূল্য: 1,490 টাকা মাএ পন্য অর্ডার করতে কল করুন : 01788 9999 06
  • Massage belt -twin (Double Motor) is a high-performance device that utilises palpitating movements in order to slim andrent parts of the body. It mimics conventional tone diffe chiropractic treatment, thus not only performing intergrated toning, but also relieving stress and improving general health- the ideal a It comes with 2 massage directions with various rhythms and patterns. It’s highly versatile design easily allows you to massage your legs, buttocks, lower back, shoulder and other areas on your body. This slimming belt massager helps relieving pain and tension in stiff muscles, returning you to a state of relaxation after a hard day’s work. The heating function of the slimming belt also helps improving blood circulation. In additional to a balanced and regular exercise program, using this slimming belt can contribute to a well-balanced treatment that helps massage away unwanted fat on your stomach, butt, thighs and other areas more effectively and efficiently. Video Features Quickly tones and strengthens your abs, firms up your buttocks. Video Features Symmetrical double-point massage to target parts of the body that you would like to tone and sculpt. Adjustable massage and slimming belt Suitable for use on waist , hips , thighs and more. Specifications: Oscillation and heat technology Weight: 1.8kg Power supply: 120v – 240v AC 50/60Hz Electric current: 24DC 2A Power consumption: 48W
  • Made of high grade neoprene bonded to nylon. Tightness construction and the even protection based on tridimensional sewing technology, maintain the best support during movement conditions. Similar tension as muscle stretch which leads to nature protection. Soft, comfortable, cool, sweat adsorption without swelter. Dimension: about 100 x 20 cm.