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  • 2in1 Mini Sewing Machine

    ৳ 2,490.00
    Sewing Machine : 1.Single threed, single speed, using 6V power, 2.With transparent lid and thread bag is included. Features : *Attractive compact design *Easy to store and easy operation. *Suitable for clothes, pants and textile *Power Supply:Operated by batteries(AA 1.5Vx4) or AC/DC 6V 800MA adaptor(not included) *Main Material:ABS+Stainless Steel *Ideal for DIY and fit for family use. *Mini size,light weight,portable. *Reasonable in price.
  • This sewing machine have many time-saving and creative features including fully automatic 1-step buttonholes, top drop-in bobbins, drop feed, and decorative stitches. Without the sewing machine, the world would be a very different place. Like the automobile, the cotton gin and countless other innovations from the past 300 years, the sewing machine takes something time-consuming and laborious and makes it fast and easy. With the invention of the mechanized sewing machine, manufacturers could suddenly produce piles of high-quality clothing at minimal expense. Because of this technology, the vast majority of people in the world can now afford the sort of sturdy, finely-stitched clothes that were a luxury only 200 years ago.
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    5 in 1 Sofa Bed

    ৳ 9,490.00 ৳ 7,990.00
    It’s a sophisticated Sofa A luxurious lounger A relaxed recliner A Children’s high rise Booster sleeper And a beautifully blissful bed All in one incredible product and it all conveniently fits into it’s own compact travel carry bag to go anywhere you do. Components: 5 in 1 sofa bed Dual action Turbo Power Pump Air Nozzles Repair Kit Travel Carry Bag A fashionably-styled sofa bed to suit all manners of decor. Comes in a luxurious leather finish effect Strong and lightweight Goes from Rolled-Up to Set -Up in a snap with the multi-purpose Double Action Inflation/Deflation pump, it goes from rolled up to set up in less then 120 seconds. Manufactured to the highest quality standards using state of the art materials… Built to last for years. It is built with 5-In-1S technological advances in weightless load technology and has a unique chamber support system. The 5-In-1 bed contains over 70 individual body support chambers that independently cradle, support and mould themselves to all the contours of your body. It also eliminates the “Roll-Together” effect. Features Specifications: multifunctional 5 in 1 sofa bed Product Name: 5 In 1 Sofa Bed Place of Origin: China accessories : 1pc electrict air pump 1pc repair kit 1 pc nylon bag Features: 1) Material: 0.4mm PVC 2) Sofa bed Size: 200X180X70CM 3) Product name: 5 IN 1 SOFA BED Packing:giftbox size:45*40*20CM Gross weight:8.5KG Inner packing: Color box packing with repair bag
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    Air Lounge Comfort Sofa Bed

    ৳ 8,490.00 ৳ 7,990.00
    The Inflatable Air Lounge Sofa Bed is the latest multifunctional piece of furniture that you must have around. It looks good and comfortably seats 3 people, instantly converting into a bed if you want. Simply unfold the base of the sofa into a bed, throw in a couple of pillows and a duvet and chill-ax to your hearts content! can set-up and use anywhere in the home! Air Lounge, the amazingly comfortable, amazingly convenient sofa, lounger, recliner and fold out bed, all in one. Plug in the jet propulsion Pump and in less than 3-minutes, the Air Lounge inflates into a full sized sofa that fits perfectly into any room in your home. Unfold it and instantly, it converts into a an incredibly comfortable air mattress. Or flip it over and you’ve got a chaise lounge recliner. The Air Lounge Surround Suspension Air Technology supports your body comfortably on air. FEATURES: • Perfectly convenient • Short of space and need some extra furniture fast? The Air Lounge Inflatable Sofa/Bed can be quickly and easily set up – just pump it up! • A full pull-out sofa/bed in just minutes • The Air Lounge Inflatable Sofa/Bed comes with its own Jet Propulsion pump which can fully inflate the Air Lounge in under 3 minutes. • And when you’re not using the Air Lounge, it can be easily stored away. It\\\’s light enough to be transported to any part of the house or it can be folded away into the included nylon carrying bag – meaning you can truly bring it anywhere you go! • It’s also a bed! • In addition to being a comfortable sofa, the Air Lounge Inflatable Sofa/Bed can easily become a comfortable bed or recliner. Just flip open the bed from underneath the sofa, and you’ve got a nice place to sleep! • The Original Air Sofa Bed…made of high Quality superior material that could last a lifetime.
  • Cordless Swivel Sweeper

    ৳ 2,990.00
    The cordless Swivel Sweeper G2 effortlessly glides on all floor surfaces, and swivels to pick up like no other sweeper on wood, tile, carpet, in tight places and behind furniture. It easily traps dirt, pet messes, soggy vegetables and more. The lightweight Swivel Sweeper G2 weighs only two pounds and has a head that swivels 360°. 4-Quad Brush® Technology picks up on all four sides, and the powerful 7.2-volt rechargeable motor runs up to 45 minutes on a single charge. Features a back saver elbow joint, allowing the pole to bend so you don’t have to, and a touchless dirt tray. Storage is easy with a magnetic storage latch that lets the head lift up for compact storage, and a non-slip rubber tip that lets the sweeper rest against the wall without slipping. Features & Benefits: 1) Lightweight, powerful, swivels 360 degrees 2) Cordless and rechargeable 3) Runs up to 45 minutes on a single charge 4) Quad Brush technology picks up on all four sides 5) Touchless dirt tray 6) Back-saver elbow joint; pole bends so you don’t have to 7) Super sliders effortlessly glide on all floor surfaces 8) Magnetic latch so the head flips up for compact storage
  • Digital Personal Scale

    ৳ 1,490.00
    • LCD screen is easy to read
    • Capacitymaximum-150kg
  • Easy Atta Making Machine

    ৳ 1,290.00
    HOW TO USE: Place the blade in the bowl over the bottom grove properly.Put atta/maida,water & oil in the proportion 1:1:1 with given measuring cups,close the lid and fix the handle properly.Now rotate the handle for about 2 minutes (15 to 20 times first clockwise and then anti clockwise) you can see inside the bowl with the help of see through removable cover.You can also add water or oil through the hole without removing the lid.Now your dough / mixture is ready to prepare the rotis.
  • Fix It Pro:

    ৳ 1,490.00
    Product Description This is a brand new Fix It Pro Pen for Simoniz. It is designed to hide, remove and repair any scratch marks on your car with a clear coat scratch repair filler / sealer. A much better solution over repainting your car! Saving you a bundle of money. This repair pen is non-toxic, permanent, odorless and water resistant. So it can last and long time and you don\\\’t need to reapply it over and over again. Fix It Pro Pen works on any color paint. May be it be red and yellow, black and white, etc. Fix It can FIX IT all! Easy to use. Just 3 Easy steps. Apply Fix It Buff it into the scratch or scuff, Just wipe away. Package Content: 1 pc Fix It Pro Scratch Repair Pen
  • Handy Vacuum Cleaner

    ৳ 2,990.00
    Introducing super vac, the most powerful hand held vacuum you’ve ever seen. super vac quickly and easily picks up dry food spills from wood or tiled floors. it picks up weeks of ground in dirt from your carpeting. it even picks up that impossible pet hair from your upholstery. no job is too big super vac with its 800-1000 watts of power, lifts it up with ease. there’s more! attach the cleaning brush, and you can quickly remove dust from tabletops, bookshelves, and it’s even great for tv and computer screens. change to the crevice brush, and you can clean picture frames and your computer keyboard.
  • Axon Hearing Aid-কানে কম শোনা নিয়ে দুশচিন্তা আর না! আমরা নিয়ে এসেছি আপনাদের জন্য হিয়ারিং এইড, এটি ব্যবহর করলে আপনি কানে খুব মসৃণভাবে শুনতে পারবেন । এই পণ্যটি কেবলমাএ, যারা কানে কম শুনে তাদের জন্য। উন্নতমানের এই পণ্যটিতে হ্রাস ইলেক্ট্রোম্যাগনেটিক ইন্টারফেরেন্স ব্যবহার করা হয়েছে। তাই এই হিয়ারিং এইডটি কঠোর শ্রবণশক্তি হারানো মানুষের জন্য উপযুক্ত। এই পণ্যটির বর্তমান মূল্য: 1,990 টাকা মাএ পন্য অর্ডার করতে কল করুন : 01704436092
  • Jaipan Premium Blender

    ৳ 4,490.00
    Jaipan Premium High Performance Blender Jaipan Premium mixer grinder is best mixer with 3 stainless steel jars. This grinder does all kind of dry grinding of spices such as chilli powder, dhania, etc. Wet grinding jar does many things like soaked rice and tender paste and also has a chutney jar and also helps in grating of some vegetables. Easy to use, this particular mixer grinder runs on 750 Watts which saves you energy. The mixer grinder once used is easy and quick to clean and doesn’t take a lot of fuss to conserve it. Warranty : 1 Year Service will be provided. Origin (Country of manufacture): India Specification: 1) Jar and Blades: Stainless steel polished  2) Number of Jars: 3 Pcs  3) Jar with Leak proof LID  4) Material of Dome and Flat Cap: Poly carbonate  5) Speed: 3 speed with incher and plus setting  6) Universal heavy dynamically balanced motor  7) RPM: Approx. 18000 on load  8) System Super abs designer body for easy Clean and Wash.  9) Power: 750 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
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    Jaipan ROti Maker

    ৳ 3,990.00 ৳ 3,490.00
    Made of stainless steel  Neon red indication light  Can be used to make roti, pancake, pappad, toast etc.  Power consumption: 230/240 AC, 50 Hz (voltage), 875 Watts  Comes with recipe book/manual
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    Jaipan Roti Maker with Atta Maker

    ৳ 4,490.00 ৳ 3,990.00
    • Made of stainless steel
    • Neon red indication light
    • Can be used to make roti, pancake, pappad, toast etc.
    • Power consumption: 230/240 AC, 50 Hz (voltage), 875 Watts
    • Comes with recipe book/manual
    • Easy Atta Maker Totally Free
  • Magic Bullet (Blender)

    ৳ 2,990.00
    The Magic Bullet Blender replaces a food processor, blender, electric juicer and coffee grinder while occupying only the space of a coffee mug. It stays handy on your countertop for instant meals and snacks. Magic Bullet Blender…so easy to operate!The Magic Bullet Blender has no buttons to push. Just load the ingredients, place the Magic Bullet Blender on the power base and press down. In seconds you’ll have spaghetti sauce, chopped onions, salsa, minced garlic, grated cheese, soup, chicken salad, smoothies, shakes and more. To heat or chill, simply place the Magic Bullet Blender cup or mug in the microwave, refrigerator or freezer. Magic Bullet Blender…so incredibly fast!Mince garlic, chop onions or grate cheese in only 3 seconds.Make salsa, guacamole or chicken salad in only 5 seconds.Whip up milk shakes and smoothies in only 7 seconds.Mix sauces, soups and omelet’s in only 10 seconds. 21 Piece Magic Bullet Blender includes: 1 x Magic Bullet High Torque Power Base, 2 x Blades – 1 cross, 1 short,2 x Bullet cups – 1 tall, 1 short, 2 x Tops – 1 shaker, 1 steamer, 2 x Stay fresh re-sealable lids, 4 x Party mugs, 4 x Rings, 1 x Magic Bullet blender with lid, 1 x Magic Bullet juice extractor, 1 x recipes & user guide
  • Mini Hand Sewing Machine

    ৳ 1,090.00
    Mini Hand-Held Clothes Sewing Machine Portable and convenient Works on all fabrics Quick repairs Fix hems or shorten slacks Great for jobs that conventional desktop machines can’t handle, like sewing curtains while on the rod Mend a torn pocket without having to remove your pants. Product Feature: Portable and convenient,Works on all fabrics,Quick repairs,Fix hems or shorten slacks,Great for jobs that conventional desktop machines can`t handle, like sewing curtains while on the rod,Mend a torn pocket without having to remove your pants.
  • Nicer Dicer

    ৳ 1,290.00
    Nicer Dicer Multi Chopper Vegetable Cutter Fruit Slicer Peeler Newly Launched ProductNote: Product Comes with 1 Month warranty on Manufacturing Defects Product Description: Nicer Dicer With Plus you have a kitchen helper, who will shorten the cooking time from start of preparation to the serving of the meal tremendously. Food must be cut into cubes, sticks, strips, quarters or eighths – the costs not only time but you need countless kitchen tools (knives, bowls, cutting boards, etc.) that can not always at hand and plenty of storage space in the kitchen to complete. Nicer Dicer with the Plus is no longer a problem – you have everything in one handy set! Simple and space saving as it gets!