///Breast Enlarger Pump

Breast Enlarger Pump

৳ 3,990.00

  • 1.Flexible and Transparent:the cups are transparent to observe the treatment area,and the negative pressure can be adjusted steadily.
  • 2.There is no need to use the Fire with the Negative pressure cupping,which is convenient to operate and reasonable at price. there is the magnet needle inside the cups to enhance the medical treatment.
  • 3.Cups Design:inner-round and outside-wide,more considerate and comfortable.
  • 4.Convenient: It is safe without the fire and electricity and easy to take and learn.
  • 5.Fine leakproofness : Strict in sorting ,process and assembling flow,the quality is guaranteed
  • 6.Security Seal:the cups,smooth and mellowness, are in circular arc and have a large contact area with the skin.thegas tightness is fine to avoid falling off, with the complete and fine size,it is fit for each part of the human body.

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