Slimming Belt

৳ 3,990.00

1/3 of fat of human will accumulate at the waist. This slimming belt is using strong vibration to break down the accumulated fat tissue in the body and then excreted out of body. This can improve the blood circulation, and at the same time increase metabolism rate of our body. This slimming belt can be used on different part of body, doing the massage. This slimming bet can release 3000 times vibration per minute, break down the large agglomerate fat tissue to semi solid fat. This semisolid will be further processed by lymphatic system to become fine fatty acid compound which can be excreted out from body through urine.

What is included?

1 slimming belt

1 electric converter

1 user manual

1 controller

Specification & Feature –

Material: PU leather and electric component

Using strong vibration at the rate of 3000 times vibration per minute to break down the accumulated fat tissue, it improves blood circulation and increases metabolism rate. With its heating function which will further increase the rate of breakdown of fat tissue at waist line, massage those fat cells away according to your preferred adjustable vibration settings.

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